Our Signature service

They say that the spaces where you spend the most time eventually become part of who you are, which is why I believe everyone deserves to be inspired by their surroundings. This is the kind of emotional connection you once felt in your home without a doubt. However, lately with the new changes, the growing family needs and this connection is starting to feel like a distant memory. 

A home is often compared to a sanctuary, and though I’m not one for clichés, I have to agree with this one because there is no better way to say it. Your home should be a reflection of your personality, function the way you need it to, and offer a comforting place to make memories.

I want you to experience that feeling of joy, every time you walk through your door. I want you to fall back in love with it and let others see why you love it too. My aim is to use most of what you already have including your home's best features to create elegant, comfortable, and practical interiors that not only meet your needs, but fit your unique style.

Where it all started...
Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in simple, beautiful, functional but most importantly relatable spaces. Drawing upon my educational background in architecture, and urban space management, the more I practiced the more I got drawn to helping clients look at their existing spaces with fresh and new perspectives.

My Signature Service...

My interest and start of my signature service, the "2R (Revive and Refresh) " design experience, continued to grow as I traveled across the world, from East Africa to Germany to the U.K. The more I traveled, the more I treasured the few accessories and pieces I had with me. Always finding a creative way to incorporate them into the new space. This has significantly shaped my passion for a collaborative pragmatic design approach. All allowing me to develop my specialty and signature service to serve my ideal clients even better. That's why, I will always strive to use most of what you already have including your home's best features to create elegant, comfortable, and practical interiors that not only meet your needs but fit you and your family's unique style.

My other world...

Born and raised in Uganda, East Africa. I now live in Taunton, the UK with my husband, Paul, and two little one's Joseph and Hannah. When I’m not helping clients with their interiors, you can find me treasure hunting for the best furniture and decor items or volunteering my time in our local community in Trull, Taunton.


Led by You and Me...

Beyond that, I have always had a calling to support the amazing creative talent in East Africa. I strongly believe that the best way to give back and make a change back home in East Africa is by encouraging and supporting their talents and business. I am pleased to say that, through 31 Homes, and Interiors, we have been able to continue growing Letasi Design Studio particularly because we always aim to include our Batik fabrics wherever and whenever we can. In doing so, every Batik fabric we use that is ethically and fairly purchased from a batik artisan, thereby supporting their business and creativity. 

Thank you! Asante! 

Looking forward to working together.

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